Balancing Work and Family

True Balance
Mom, Wife … and Skilled Surgeon

How do women manage the demanding responsibilities of work, family and “me” time? It takes good symmetry and strong support. Read on to see how one Pensacola physician maintains a true balance.

Finding Her Passion

Meet M. Elizabeth Cruit, M.D., a multitasking, modern-day mom who loves her family and her job. She decided to become a physician when she was a teenager. Dr. Cruit comes from a family of physicians — her father, two grandparents and younger sister. “I started working at my dad’s office when I was 15,” she says. “Medicine has always been a part of my life and I always wanted to pursue it.” She became interested in urology during medical school at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, and while studying in Russia, observing a urologist who was highly skilled in treating women and children. With these encounters she discovered her career path early on, but in the distant future, she also wanted a family.

Balancing Family and Work

Today, Dr. Cruit is married and has that family. She and her husband, Chandler, work as a team to create a healthy work-life balance. She provides quality care for the patients she serves, and Chandler, a stay-at-home dad, cares for the couple’s three children: CJ, 6; Amelia, 4; and Adelle, 1. “It’s difficult to balance everything,” said Dr. Cruit. “I couldn’t do it without my husband.” Dr. Cruit spends long hours away from home, but she says, “There is a lot less stress about leaving because I know the kids are with dad.”

Fueling a Desire to Heal

While she’s at work, Dr. Cruit focuses on treatments for all types of urological problems. She is particularly knowledgeable in women’s issues. “I’m interested because I’m a woman too,” says Dr. Cruit. “A lot of women have a need for urological treatments, especially for incontinence. I am glad I can help women feel comfortable with seeing a urologist.” She specializes in minimally invasive and robotic surgeries for women’s gynecological problems. This technology greatly improves the patient experience. “We now have more innovative procedures available to improve incontinence,” she says. “We can do them in less time and we can minimize pain which is certainly better for the patient. Minimally invasive surgery helps patients return home sooner to heal where they are most comfortable and get back to the life they enjoy.”

True Balance

Every now and then, Dr. Cruit manages to carve out some time for herself, which she typically spends sewing clothes for her children or baking and decorating cakes. Dr. Cruit also makes it a point to leave work early at least one day a week to make gymnastics practice and soccer games. Finding mom and dad time is more challenging! “We try, but that’s a little tougher,” she says. Teamwork between the couple keeps their family close, and finding a true work-life balance ensures great care for countless patients.