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Believed to affect as many as 24 percent of middle-aged American males and 9 percent of females, sleep apnea was first identified as a sleep disorder as recently as 1965. The combination of symptoms–daytime sleepiness, snoring, excess weight–were recognized much earlier. Over the past three decades, doctors have come to better understand the causes of this syndrome and devise effective treatment options.

“BE FAST” To IdentifySigns of Stroke
with Vikki Smolik, R.N. Baptist Health Care

You have a runny nose, a cough and congestion. So have you caught a cold or is it allergies? Unfortunately, it's often hard to tell. In this video, have board certified family medicine physician Dr. Monica Nall with Baptist Medical Group - Pace joins host Jeff Nall with Council on Aging of West Florida to share here with us to give information about determining which it is and what will give us the relief we need. 

The holidays are a time of joy that we get to spend with our closest relatives and friends. However, for those who suffer from diabetes, it can also be a very difficult time.

Are you concerned with potential drug interactions?

Before you dig into Springtime planting, think about how to best tend to your health. Here the expert physicians of Baptist Medical Group share a few helpful suggestions:

These three super foods are packed with antioxidants and can help us stave off cold-weather illness. Also, don’t forget your flu shot!

Every day is a good day to take action to learn about and prevent heart disease. In this video, board certified cardiologist and electrophysiologist Dr. Evan Giedrimas, with Baptist Health Care and the Baptist Heart Rhythm Center, joins host Jeff Nall with Council on Aging of West Florida to take the first step to a healthy heart.