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You have a runny nose, a cough and congestion. So have you caught a cold or is it allergies? Unfortunately, it's often hard to tell. In this video, have board certified family medicine physician Dr. Monica Nall with Baptist Medical Group - Pace joins host Jeff Nall with Council on Aging of West Florida to share here with us to give information about determining which it is and what will give us the relief we need. 

Since she was a young child, Shelia Bennett, ARNP-C, has wanted to be a nurse who cares for other people. 

A poorly made or improperly fitting backpack can give your child backaches, poor posture, numbness and tingling in the arms and hands. the american cademy of pediatrics recommends you look for the following when buying a backpack:

Have you ever had chicken pox? Chances are you have, and that means you could be at risk of getting shingles.

Who wants to visit the emergency room? A show of hands, please? Anyone?

Well, certainly no one is clamoring for an event that requires a trip to the ER, but it is good to know that a higher level of care is accessible when needed. Baptist Hospital recently completed a $2 million renovation project to the emergency room that will help the ER team continue to streamline patient care for patients who are experiencing unexpected illness or injury.

Having a baby is a very exciting time in your life – one filled with hopes, dreams, and, naturally, a lot of questions, including what type of care your little bundle of joy will need in his or first moments of life.

What is HPV?

Human Papillomavirus, more commonly known as HPV, can affect both females and males. Most types of HPV are harmless. Do not cause any symptoms, and go away on their own.